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being spontaneous isn't bad
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I’m all feeling well, and relieved.

After my last entry, I took a paused for a while. I didn’t make any post, just because I want to be in silence. But for now, these are the upshots of my short hiatus from you Livejournal.

The grieving I felt the last time I was crying in pain was all relieved now. I’m all stressed –free from anger I’ve been carrying from almost three months. Just because, I allowed myself to accept all the fact that some love story has its own fate to come to an end. It was just as simple as that-- acceptance. Thanks to you, A, for making me feel hurt and free, now. I shouldn’t blame you but rather I should thank you because you made me realized many things. Like what we’ve promised, we are now good friends, and I am happy we are still.

The day I first met Mike, it was all coincidence. Yang introduced him to the picture. And after that day, we became close like true friends. He was the one who I called in the middle of the night after that painful conversation with my ex. He comforted me like we all knew each other for so long. He told me stories about his painful break-up, too. He told me silly things, random things that he knew I could carry because we have the same wavelength. Up to now, we are good, as friends. Nothing more, nothing less. I owed him a lot for making me more spontaneous which I never use to be.

Aside from Mike, the friend that I almost spent my week was Hamill. I was with her over five days. Before her birthday, we were together because we just wanted to talk so many things, made tsikahans, planned for her party, and made “salubong” on her birthday but we just fell asleep after a tired bus ride. On her birthday party, I was the one who came next to Jd followed by the bitches and other set of friends. And we made another drunken Ham’s fest!

The next morning, Ham’s and I went to Nueva Ecija, just to spend her birthday party with her family. I joined her because I wanted to see NE and her family, and cute little nephew, Brody. We just had not less than 24 hours there. I loved her Mommy’s cooked foods, Danielle and Dylan’s stories, Brody’s smile, Ericson’s weird invention, the rice fields, hot weather, and the memories. After that, I kept thinking of my own family and how I missed them. Next thought popped on my head, I wanted to go to Marinduque.

Everything was all spontaneous. But, I love the mere fact that I’m always into unplanned trips. It’s because, I found it happier, without expecting anything. Being so spontaneous made me realized and learned many things- that I could do jaunts, be nuts, and be contented after all.


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