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My not-so-perfectly-romantic-valentine
bisexual sign

I told Mike last night, “Alam mo ba, iba ung valentines ko last year. I was surprised by A. Medyo corny pero sobrang kinilig ako dahil first time may gumawa sakin nun.” And then he said, “Hahaha, ano ka ba? Ok lang yun.”

For him, that thing is pretty OA. He didn’t find it sweet or romantic. But I considered that moment of life so precious which figuratively showed me how sweet A was. He was indeed. And, I couldn’t fail to remember it up to split second.

Valentine is the day I’m afraid to come off. Every single woman like me literally hate this day. If I could just choose, I don’t like to see fancy flowers in plastic warps, chocolates in heart shapes, and couples cuddling and snuggling around. Yes, honestly, I’m bitter.

But, Mike made me realized one thing: that Valentine is not just for committed couples. He made me understand that I could be happy spending the day with a friend. It was him. Actually, we didn’t arrange any plans, he just asked for a favour if I could join him to buy some stuff. And because of boredom, I did go with him. And out of being spontaneous, we made a pre-valentine single date out. We watched movie, ate healthy meals, and got more ‘kwentuhans’ of anything inside our silly heads. And he did give me chocolates, too. I was really surprised.

Year twenty-eleven Valentine wasn’t just right for me. Funny, I just spent it with a special friend, so nothing romantic happened, just another seemingly ordinary day.


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