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Happy birthday to me!!!!

Today is my superbly twenty-third birthday! And I couldn’t actually efface the smiles left on my face because of the warmest and gladness I feel on this moment of my life. And I’m very thankful for those people and things that made me really blissfully awesome now.

Here are my ten lists (because today is March 10):

1.       God. Thank you for adding another year round of celebration of my day. Today, I feel the positive vibes you showered me earlier. I am really grateful and blessed.

2.       Nanay, Tatay, Ate, Andrei, and Angel. I already celebrated my pre-birthday but still I’m half sad because I can’t spend the day with you guys. However, I should definitely be happy because of the SMS greetings I received this morning. I love you all!

3.       Mike. You really made my birthday fantastic! I couldn’t describe what should be the perfect word to express my feelings. Thank you for the surprises! Thank you for the early morning hugs and kisses while saying, “Happy Birthday”. Thank you for the effort of sending a birthday banner. Thank you for the Banapple blueberry cake & tuna pie. Thank you for the birthday gifts- dark chocolates with almonds and a Fred Perry dress. And the best of all you’ve made, sharing and waiting the night before my birthday comes, and I should thank you for that!

4.       Colyn & Hams. You’re the two who’s more excited than me. Thank you for the early birthday greetings! But of course, thank you for listening to my sentiments! And, I wanna see you later to entirely complete my day. Let’s cheers at Coffee Bean!

5.       Facebook Friends. I’m still counting the actual numbers of people who greeted me today! Thank you for all the words on my wall.

6.       Officemates. Thank you for the all the random people who greeted me. You all deserved pizzas & sodas! Cheers!

7.       Bitches. Some of you already greeted me through text messages and others posted on my wall. Thank you bitches but still I don’t feel overwhelmed. I miss all of you!

8.       Banapple Blueberry Cheesecake & Toblerone Cheesecake. Thank you for the delicious sweet treat on my taste buds last night upon waiting for 12 o’clock to strike. The birthday girl really deserved you!

9.       Fred Perry Dress. Thank you for making me awesome today! Everybody loves what I’m wearing. They said I’m look like majorette! Hahaha! Thank’s to you who sponsored me this one.

10.   God Only Knows by The Beach Boys. This is my birthday song! “God only knows what I’d be without you”. Simply, the lyrics explain all.

Like what I’ve said to everybody, “AKO ANG BIDA NGAUN”. :)



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