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Confessions of a 23-year old Immature

Day-to-day experiences. Never-ending thoughts. Lessons learned.

The heat of summer is on!

I took a loooong break of writing blogs and entries since the month of March after my birthday. You know, I’ve always been so busy with work, tons of works at the office because of the exhibit we have joined the last time. I have had a hard time writing thoughts, and extracting my creative juices through my head since I was bothered of what supposed to be wrote.

Aside from the never-ending huge piles of work, I was busy of out-of-town trips! Yeah! See, I could still manage my time to relax beside my hectic schedule. That’s the wonder of proper time management!

From the first weekend of my APRIL up till to the last, I was on my trip of beating the summer heat. I would like to thank to Mother Nature because of the nature’s wonder I have been to. J

• First weekend of the April month:

I was at Subic, Zambales with officemates! It was just a great compliment, to us, employees, for working several hours a day. We, too, deserved a break once every year. I could say, I had fun but fondly missed my friends doing same trips like of that. It was happy and tiring Saturday for me.

• Second weekend of the April month:

                This trip was more fun than the first one. I was at San Rafael, Bulacan, beating the sun and the huge pool of a college friend’s resort. This was more fun since I was with my college circle of friends! I mean, we had same wavelengths and trips like the usual conversations, videoke, and whole night of drinking sessions, plus pictures!

• Third weekend of the April month:

                It was Holy week! And, every time this week strikes, you would see my packing my bags and riding the bus going South. I was happy spending my every year to my home town in Marinduque. How could I forget the usual Expo in Boac, and the Via Crusis plus the privilege of seeing man and children wearing morion mask. This was yearly routines, and I had the chance to be with my family and old folks and friends. It was always good to be back at home.

• Last weekend of the April month:

                This was the first time this year, ever, since I had an out of town trip with my favourite friends. La Union was the high light of my summer outing! Since it was Anna’s birthday bash, she spent the celebration at an exclusive resort. I had fun beating the sun, sand, shore, and the waves which we experienced body surfing. That was all bursting of happiness with friends!