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Confessions of a 23-year old Immature

Day-to-day experiences. Never-ending thoughts. Lessons learned.

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Keep looking up...

Funny, I just realized lately that off all years or instance of being in a relationship, never could I imagine that I, Colyn, and Ice will be single, simultaneously. And the most hilarious of it, we were all betrayed and cheated. Apparently, it all happened in different moment, in different situations.

I would consider my love life like a roller coaster ride. I was happy-sappy-happy-sappy transitions of love story. Written from my previous blogs are my sentiments. I broke my guy and went to the other one. That new then left me after almost eight weeks. After that incident, I realized I was ready to be with the guy I left, but then again, of all the ill-fated actions, he dumped me for real. I was the one who was left behind. Now, I’m trying to gain myself again, still trying. I’m boastful to say, “I’m at the last phase of survival-- acceptance.”

She’s the toughest of the three of us when it comes to emotions. Colyn, as I knew her, she is the one who always hid her emotions if she is impaired. I saw her how she is, when she’s in a relationship, how she survives, how she learned and haven’t got affected during break-ups. I knew her in every strand of her hair, I knew her from every inches of her stories. Until now, I couldn’t believe I saw her for the first time how she cried for a guy. Yes, just like me, she was cheated, too. Last night, I told her, “Bading, sa ating tatlo nila Ice, ikaw ang pinakamatatag, alam ko kaya mo yan.” I let her cried her tears away to lessen her burden. I wanted her to show her real emotions. I wanted her to experience pain to learn lessons next time she falls in love again. I wanted her to realize how tears and advices would help her to move on and gain self-esteem. But then again, I love her because she is toughest of showing what the real emotions inside her heart are, and I saw it.

It’s been one year to be exact since ice and her girlfriend broke-up. The reason? The girl just felt the tiredness on their relationship. It’s immature. It’s unreasonable. But, the good thing is, ice took the lesson and learned from it afterwards. She already moved on, totally. Though it’s not that quite easy, but my friend learned the value of love, relationships, trust, and the value of self-respect. I’m happy for her indeed.

Even if all of us was hurt, cheated, and betrayed, we knew and learned something for it. And now, I wanted to treasure our moment of singlehood, because I know, this won’t last a long time. One day, we would find our pair, and just laugh out of what had happened. We are young, fresh, and free.

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i love this! YES, I am, 40% in shape. but still, im trying to settle off the dust. :) thank you hehe

that's what im talking about! good for you! cheers :)

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