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Confessions of a 23-year old Immature

Day-to-day experiences. Never-ending thoughts. Lessons learned.

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Mr. Left-over
school uniform

Last night, I was awaked by Gelo’s call.  I don’t have any idea why he did call at the middle of the night. I think he was drunk or tipsy. He told me how I was and if I was at Cubao, Expo. I just answered his questions and told him that I would just talk to him in on the following day. And then, I couldn’t get back to sleep.

Gelo is my friend. Way back to college, we were on the same set of friends, like Ice, Jack, and Ivan. We were always seen as typical colleagues, out of the boundary of love. WE WERE JUST MERE FRIENDS. And, that’s what I know. Until last Christmas season, he texted me, I was at the bus then going to my hometown. HE SAID HE LIKE ME. I couldn’t react or say any words because I know a fact that we were best friends and nothing else. I thought it was all nothing. And then now, I don’t know what I will say if we are going to meet tonight.

Gelo is one of the persons closest to my heart. Just like him, I still have Keneth. HE WAS MY EVIL-EX BOYFRIEND. I was with him for almost 15-months of struggles to find happiness. Though I became happy with him, I still regret the time that I gave him all of what I have. My mistake, a big mistake. I saw him last NY because I went to his house to visit my god-children which happened to be his cousins. That’s why I can’t avoid him so much. And the worst thing of all, he wants to come back to my life. Enough is enough.

John Vincent, he was my LOYAL EX-BOYFRIEND, too. He’s been there for almost months, waiting. It’s just started when we kissed each other, and we both knew we were drunk. After that reunion party, he became more available to see me. But then, I can’t be with him because I hate his vices. I hate how he smokes cigars, I hate how he drank liquors, I hate him because he abused his self.

One-hour ago, I received a private message from Jep. He just wanted to know how I was. I REALLY REALLY LIKE THIS GUY! Our story was written from my previous blog entitled “For you, Mr. Suplado”. But I know, we can’t be together because, number 1: He is in Bahrain now and number 2: He still cares for his ex-gf Marra. But of course, I need to end my illusions.

Right now, I still don’t have someone who would fit me in. There they are, but there are certain consequences when I let them in. Still, I have this long journey of finding a love with guarantee.

LOVE, not now.

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taray ng blog! hehe magkwento ka about this! hehe

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