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What if?

My friend once was asked me, “How do you know when you totally moved on?”

It’s always been a typical question when you’ve experienced a break-up. Random people are always asking about it, and sometimes, I gave different answers, depends who asked about it.

I always knew I finally moved on. I gave certain answers like, “I moved on already because he didn’t get on my head that much.” Or something like, “He’s just nobody to me.” But beyond that answers, there are still running thoughts through my head. “What if he came back?”

What if question is always been an instance. There is no security or assurance of making that question answered. Unless, he responded to you right away you said it. But, there are no possibilities. There are no second chances. There are no me & you. There is no love at all. I knew he think of that.

One thing is sure about me, if he comes back, I know I will accept him again. Enough said.



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